The Best Face recognition Look-Alike App that will show you Doppelganger or Twin person/celebrity around the world look-alike you.

So you are searching for “who do I look like?” answer yeah! Honestly, It is a compliment when somebody tells you that you look like a popular celebrity such as a Film Star, a Sportsman, a Politician, or some other personality.

It is said, that every seven people on Earth look like each one of us. Believe me, every once dream of looking like the person we like the most, and we also follow, love, and admire them.

Celebrities are just normal people, which means that you probably look like or resemble a specific celebrity or personality. But the question is which celebrity do I look like?! The answer is simple and easy, you only need to download and install the free “who do I look like” App on your smartphone and that it.

The question is not only about your looks but also about your style and personality. So this App will require your photo and some answers about your looks, style, habits and also how you carry yourself. Also, how you thought about the world and how you see daily life situations.

Look like App is very intelligent and you will be amazed by finding out how you are most look like. Because the app compares your face structure such as eyebrow, chine, temple, and cheek with thousands of celebrities.

The app will also take a short quiz about your looks, style, habits, favorite things, and future plans because it is very important for what celebrity physically looks and mentally thoughts like you.

Download Who Do I Like App

The App is available free for Android OS and iOS mobile phone, Install the App, and find out your twin celebrity.

Android OS

The App size is 12M+ and requires 4.1 or UP Android OS, the app will access to Photo/Media, Storage, and Camera.


App Size is 25.2MB and requires iOS 9.0 or Up iOS while also compatible with iPad and iPod Toch.

App Screen Shoot

How to Use App

  1. Upload the photo: The photo should contain only one person with clear visibility and good resolution.
  2. Face Matching: The app will start detection of your face with the key structure of face such as cheek, eye color, chine, etc.
  3. Quiz Answers: The app will also compare your answer with celebrity’s questions and catch out on the most similar one.
    Look Like Result: After all comparison, the app will show a celebrity in return within seconds that mostly match to you.

Frequently Ask Questions

A face recognition trending mobile app that will find out your twin around the world, that may be a celebrity or other personality.

The App will compare and match your face with thousands of celebrities face and in return, it will show a like-alike person to you.

Just simply install “Look-Alike App”, then upload your photo and find out your celebrity look alike.

Look like the filter is not only an app but you can do it manually by going to the creator’s Instagram profile, Username:juliataskaeva. Then tap on the smiley face icon just above her posts, it will show all the filter created by her. Now click on Look-Like filter, preview applied filter, and save the effect.